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October 30, 1999

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The Discerning Travelers Guide to Food in Turkey

The Turkish Kitchen is without doubt one of the richest and most varied in the world. Turkey is self sufficient, and a net exporter of food. The range of vegetables and fruits available throughout the year provides a constant source of fresh produce. The taste and preparation of the wide variety of dishes therefore changes with the seasons. There is never a reason to use tinned, preserved or frozen produce, unless it is to achieve a specific taste.

The style of Turkish food owes some of its origins from the nomadic lifestyle of the people of this region during the reign of the Sultans. Even today the evening meal is often the evenings entertainment. Meze's, the equivalent of the western 'starter', consist of a huge selection of tasty dishes served individually in the center of the table which include vegetables, meat, chicken and seafood all prepared in uniquely different ways. It is customary for everyone to sample a taste from every dish, which often consist of the same vegetable prepared in a number of very different ways. There are for example over 100 ways to prepare Aubergines alone.

Eating at home in Turkey or in a traditional Turkish restaurant is never a hurried affair, and the evening meal can last for many hours. The transition from mezes to the main course is not always obvious. The arrival of skewers of succulent lamb or chicken, supplemented by tasty rice dishes has to be anticipated at the meze stage in order to avoid overdoing the first course.

Deserts are outrageously sweet and the perfect compliment to the predominantly savory aspect of Turkish food. When eating out it is not unusual to change restaurants at the desert stage. The range of sweet dishes available from the specialist restaurants is complimentary to the equally extensive range of mezes.

We hope this short culinary guide provides you with an insight into eating in Turkey and gives you another reason to visit this very hospitable country.

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